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Top picks — 2016 January

Internet is full of interesting, useful or funny things. I would like to share with you my top picks from this month.

Setting up ES6

Axel Rauschmayer as a strong contributor to ES2015 (or more popular as a ES6) just released a book called “Setting up ES6”. It covers all that you need to know to get you running in world of modern js applications. Content is ready to read for free online, but you can spend six bucks for tablet or kindle version. You better give it a read because ES2016 is coming.

“You’ll be surprised how much you will do in a day if you sit and do it.”

Best piece of advice ever. This article is very Coyier’s style. Love it!

Angular 2 versus React: There Will Be Blood

Very good overview of two most popular MVC tools of 2015. If you don’t know neither, thats the good place to start to read about pros and cons of each. I’m big fan of React and this is one of my main focuses of 2016.

The BEMIT naming convention

Very well written recap and reminder how to structure big and modular projects from CSS perspective. I’m a big fan of BEM and this article goes in depth how to utilise full potential of this naming convention with support of ITCSS created by Harry Robets. Super article James!

Optimising SVGs for Web Use

Andreas Larsen wrote a superb series of articles about SVG for web. This three parts series (1, 2, ) covers all main concepts that you have to bare in mind when you prepare SVG on your website.

~2015 in review

Super inspiring review of 2015 by Sebastian McKenzie — creator of Babel. This young and super talented dude had a really wild year but he ended up in a happy place. Really amazing read. Thanks Sebastian.

JavaScript Modules: ES6 Import and Export

Well explained ES6 modules by Kyle Robinson Young. Nice 10 min video that shows all available options or taking advantage of brand new ES6 feature that will replace all module bundlers at some point.

If you wish to learn ES6/2015 from scratch, you must first invent the universe

Ashley Williams seriously about ES6 (Yeah, Ashley is talking about ES6, not ES2015). Not very recent talk, but really worth to watch.

JavaScript Air Episode 005: Firefox DevTools, React, and Redux

Another epic episode of JavaScriptAir. All about Firefox DevTools built entirely in React. If you are new to React.js you will find bunch of amazing helpful advices here.


Pete Hunt, one of the creators or React, introduces the React ecosystem step by step. This is a must-read for every developer who is trying to play with React. I haven’t found anything better than this one yet. Quick read but full of value.


And one more from Pete Hunt. Very helpful guild to start your journey with webpack.


We have a standards for console as well. Yup Yup!

Improved caching for kits: Opt for longer cache timeout

Typekit added a new feature and all performance focused people are going to be really happy with new settings available under “Kit settings” tab.

Offline Web Applications!/c-ud899

All that you need to know about creating amazing offline user experience of your apps / websites. Well explained by Jake Archibald from Google. This course it totally for free.

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