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Top picks — 2016 April

Internet is full of interesting, useful or funny things. I would like to share with you my top picks from this month.

Building the UI for the new The Times website

A great write up by Pedro Duarte about the procedure of implementing new design for The Times and The Sunday Times. It is really interesting recap.

Pure CSS Games with Counter-Increment

Una Kravets wrote down great article that in simple words explains everything that you need to know about CSS counters. I saw number of impressive examples achieved by this feature but never really understood it. Una explained it pretty well and I will take the challenge to create something crazy and completely useless via CSS counters at some point. Thanks Una!

Still think you don’t need HTTPS?

List of reasons why you should go with https for your website even when you don’t deal with sensitive data. Nice article by Scott Helme.

Supercharged Live Code Session: Swipeable Cards

Another live coding session with Paul Lewis and another one hour video full of practical ticks and tips for all web standards maniacs.

Web Font Loading Patterns

Bram Stein from Typekit put together a great article about working with web fonts implemented by @font-face rule in 2016. Really great read and tons of good tips in this quick article.

WordPress 4.5 “Coleman”

New version of Wordpress just came out, and as always brought tons on new cool features. I’m the most excited about support for Markdown in visual editor and increased images compression. Be careful that your plugins are compatible with new version of WP before update (I broke one WooCommerce website by updating before compatibility check).

Interview with Håkon Wium Lie

Interesting point of view about future of CSS straight from the creator of this language - Håkon Wium Lie.

“The Art of Being Wrong” by Dave Rupert

I can’t agree more with every single Dave’s word. Great talk dedicated to all super opinionated dudes not only from web community. Industry doesn’t matter, approach and acceptance of someones else opinions matters. Watch it!

The future is next

A great documentary about our amazing industry is coming. Please visit the website and look wait for future announcements. Personally I can’t wait to watch it.

Poll Results: “front-end” and “front end”

“Frontend” or “Front end”. Maybe “Front-end”? Hmm?

How to blog about code and give zero fucks

This article is not any new one, but content is still valid and will be valid for many, many years. Probably one of the most inspiring blog posts that I have ever read. Give zero fucks and write about code please!

Mathias Bynens — Front-End Performance: The Dark Side

Mathias shows the insecure side of front-end performance. Mind blowed again! This guy is awesome!

Updating Our Prefixing Policy

We had flags in Chrome for a while and they are coming to Safari. It’s really good because vendor prefixes are the biggest mistake ever introduced to web development.

DevTools: An animated journey

Umar Hansa on Smashing Conf 2016 in Oxford presented a number of new upcoming features of Google DevTools. It’s getting more and more powerful. It’s one of the reasons why I use Google Chrome Canary for debugging. Slides from presentation are available here. Thanks Umar!

Prototypal Object-Oriented Programming using JavaScript

A great article on A list apart about the most confusing concept of OOP in JavaScript. Inheritance and delegation are to different things and this article explains that pretty well.

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