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Top picks — 2015 September

Internet is full of interesting, useful or funny things. I would like to share with you my top picks from this month.

Hack Font

It’s new, free, mono-spaced font that works very well with code editors like Sublime Text or Atom. It’s looking so nice, but I’m going to be stick to my favourite ‘Source Code Pro’.

Responsive Images 101

It’s 10 part introduction to responsive images. It covers everything that we need to know to correctly implement this feature. Thanks to Jason Grigsby!

The anatomy of responsive images

Another very good resource about responsive images. This article is condensed version of “Responsive Images 101” by Jason Grigsby. Well written and worth to bookmark as a reference!

Node 4.0.0

Who! Brand new version of Node with support for ES6 and tons of new features just has been released. Node Package Manager (npm) is updated as well and includes security fixes.

Poll Results for Managing Styles with JavaScript

The results about CSS-Tricks Pool “Managing Styles with JavaScript” are very interesting. Majority of people are not ready to style components with JavaScript instead of CSS. Rest of the open-minded people do not disagree with that idea. I wish to see that pool again in one or two years time!

The Tools Designers Are Using Today

I knew that will happen. Finally Sketch is getting over Photoshop. Finally market understands that Photoshop is for Photos, not UIs. Yeah!

Modernizr 3: A new release and website

After 2.5 years since Modernizer published last update, finally it happened! Third version of Modernizr is full of new detects. With new tool, new website came out as well. Big tool, big news!

Interview with Eric Elliott

Interview with one of the most inspiring JavaScript developers — Eric Elliott. Author of JavaScript Scene. I recommend to add Developer Tea to your podcasts list. Definitely one of my favourite podcasts.

You Don’t Know JS (book series) by Kyle Simpson

I can’t imagine this series of books is available to read online totally for free. It is the best resource for everybody who wants to learn JavaScript, no doubt. It’s one of the most starred projects on Github and it doesn’t surprise me at all. This series helped me a lot, hopefully you will find it useful too. Thanks Kyle!

Meet Opera’s new brand identity

Huge identity changes recently. After Google’s rebranding it’s time for really underappreciated Opera. I really like it, especially all the videos/animations associated with rebranding.

PostCSS Deep Dive: What You Need to Know–cms-24535

All that you need to know about PostCSS. Fantastic article for everybody who is into CSS/Sass and would like to try something fresh and funky! Loved it!

Net awards 2015

Results of net magazine awards are officially announced. Sara Soueidan definitely deserved for it! Sketch App, keep going guys, I love Sketch! Atom as a Open Source project of the year and [Responsive Images] as a best new technology. Fantastic year in web!


Stylesheets is a community-generated collection of the best CSS resources. Really nice links there!

Because simple ideas are the best ideas. Just visit this website and drag and drop your cursor to your design. So easy but very often very helpful!

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