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Top picks — 2015 October

Internet is full of interesting, useful or funny things. I would like to share with you my top picks from this month.

The Fallacy of Keeping Up

How to keep up all the new stuff in web industry? Actually this article is how to don’t keep up, and be a good and happy developer. Tim Kadlec, as always, well written advice.

Introducing RAIL: A User-Centric Model For Performance

Must read for everyone who cares about performance. Very good article by Paul Irish & Paul Lewis. I can’t think of the authors who can explain that concept better than these two Googlers. — Redesigned!

Well described every change on the biggest redesign of CodePen ever. I love that website and I use it everyday. New redesign works brilliant for me. I experienced some small issues with adding pens to collections, but I saw the issue mentioned on Github and I’m sure that it’s going to be fixed very soon.

Meet Project Comet

Adobe finally realised that Sketch is much better UI design tool, so they created their own ‘Sketch’ under the name Comet. Looks very interesting. I’m looking forward to see future improvements of these two apps! Finally, it’s getting interesting. As long as this application is going to be part of Creative Cloud, I don’t think that it’s going to be as popular as Sketch is. Community behind Sketch is massive and that may be difficult for Adobe to catch up competitor.


FLIF is a new image format and performs much better then rest of them. The problem with news like that is as always browser support (no support at all). Will see, looks interesting tho.

Reasons to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11

That is a good news for us — developers. Microsoft is dropping a support for IE9 and IE10 on January 12, 2016. That will definitely affect global browser usage stats and may make our life easier.

Scott Jehl – Delivering Responsibly

Amazing talk by Scott Jehl from from Filament Group. He presented all major techniques to develop performant web projects. All the methods are up to date. It is good reminder for everyone who cares about speed. Have a look at the transcript and slides on Jehl’s post.

CSS For Software Engineers For CSS Developers

Really amazing talk by Harry again! So in depth about golden principles of sane CSS. He put together all these rules in one talk. It is must watch for all frontenders! I’m looking forward to Beyond Conf 2015 in London next month where Harry is going to present this talk one more time.

Foolish solution for bloat

All about AMP project by Maciej Cegłowski.

Secrets behind the success of Monument Valley

About success of the best game that I have ever had on my iPhone. Very interesting read followed by video presentation by Ken Wong, lead designer of UsTwo from London. If you have never played ‘Monument Valley’ just buy it! Play it!

ES6 Overview in 350 Bullet Points

The best summary of all new things in ES6 ever. 350 bullet points to read to check all new features of EcmaScript 2015.

Libsass 3.3.0

Finally it happened. C based port of original ruby based Sass caught up the official version and covers 100% of features. Now you don’t heave a reason to use Ruby version instead of Libsass. It works up to 4 times faster and it’s dead easy to integrate with any environment. Good news!

Vue.js 1.0.0 Released

One of the most popular MVC frameworks is finally released in version 1.0. If you are looking for quick and easy framework to build an app, this one is first one to pick! I’m not a big fun of Angular because documentation isn’t very good for me (it is new one so time to give is a second chance). React is amazing but it requires some learning curve.

Jekyll 3.0 Released

It’s been a month of updates. This one is one the most important for me. As a big fun of Jekyll I’m looking forward to play around with new things in new Jekyll 3.0. Profiler is the most important new feature. Check it up! If you would like to see a video from official presentation of latest version of Jekyll, you can find it here.

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