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Top picks — 2015 May

Internet is full of interesting, useful or funny things. I would like to share with you my top picks from this month.

Microsoft Edge is the browser for Windows 10

Browser developed as a “Project Spartan” just revealed the true name of final result - Microsoft Edge. It is the new default browser on new Windows 10. At first glance looks like a well designed browser. Hopefully it’s going to be developed equally good. Bye bye Internet Explorer.

Very busy Andy

What happens when your photography is a first image for “profile picture” on google search results?

HTTP2 in 5 Minutes

When I try to dig into that subject, I always come across tons of terms that I don’t understand. This 5 minutes talk explains the general idea of new upcoming standard HTTP2. It is going to be a big thing for web performance.

A Complete Guide to SVG Fallbacks

SVG is well supported in modern browsers, but we still have some issues on older engines. If you would like to provide a very good support of your vector graphics, this blog post comes very helpful. Author of that blog post — Amelia Bellamy-Royds and Sara Soueidan are a good people to follow on Twitter if you are into SVG.

Handy tool that helps to generate .gitignore file.

There Is No Fold

One more time about fold. Series of researches made by Luke Wroblewski that proves there is no fold!


Huge collection of useful links for every web designers and developers. Awesome collection, worth to bookmark.

The many faces of the web

Few thoughts about internet nowadays and the direction where are we going to. True, true, true!

100 words 042

Literally 1 minute article that explains how to create very smooth, 60FPS, bullet proof web projects. Probably this introduction is longer than article by itself. Read it!

Firefox 38.0

Finally — support for tag and “src” attribute in latest version of Mozilla’s browser. Happy days!

Markdown tutorial

If you are a web developer you probably wrote some documentation sometimes. If you work as a copywriter in web design agency probably you write sometimes as well. Using tools like Microsoft Word or Apple Pages is OK, but not if you create a website content. If you still use it, it’s probably perfect time to learn Markdown. This 4 years old tutorial is still valid. Please, write Markdown!

Writing in Sublime Text

Again about Markdown. One of my favourite developers Hugo Giraudel gives us list of good advices how can we write Markdown in one of the most popular code editors on the Market — Sublime Text. I found section with recommended settings very useful.

Understanding and Manually Improving SVG Optimization

Improve and optimize your SVG by understanding of technology and this few simple steps. So good read if you are into SVG like me.

Professional Web Typography

If you care about web typography, this is “must read”. It is very easy to read book that gives you a good understanding of main principles of good web typography. Type Manager at says about author:

I have known and worked with Donny for years. He has great taste, and keeps things simple. He pays close attention to subtle details, and works efficiently. His approach to typography on the web is refreshing and approachable.

Getting Dicey With Flexbox

It is time for flexbox. I’m not master of this box model yet, but I promise I will catch up shortly. Give it a read, and understand why is it a future of CSS layouts!

Aria-Label for an Accessible Web

Beginning of a series about accessible internet on Sparkbox blog. This one is just a basic introduction, but it is important read. Example provided in article it too strong to don’t care about this subject.

What you should know about collapsing margins

You may think that is so basic. I agree but so many people just don’t understand it. Collapsed margins are one of this tricky things in CSS and you just need to read that and bare in mind. My approach for margins is applying only margin-bottom to elements.

text-rendering: optimizeLegibility is Decadent and Depraved

I used optimizeLegibility on most of my projects. I didn’t realise how big impact it has for my performance. I recommend to have a look at the comments under the article as well.

On being overwhelmed with our fast paced industry

Quick advice how to take all this new bright and shiny frameworks and tools that are constantly coming out. I totally agree.

How CSS Specificity Works

So cool article that explains how CSS specificity works and how coconut it. I knew that is a good practice keep it low, but i didn’t know hot to count it. My life is easier now.

Nesting Components

A great post by @samurai about different approaches of nesting components in CSS. Comments below this post are another source of knowledge and considerations.

Extending Styles

This blog post is an extension of “Nesting Components by @samurai”. Philip Walton comes with his thoughts about nested components. So good!

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