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Top picks — 2015 March

Internet is full of interesting, useful or funny things. I would like to share with you my top picks from this month.

Frontend Guidelines

Fantastic collection of useful HTML/CSS/JavaScript snippets. Every example is well described. It is a good lesson for beginners and advanced web designers and developers.

Harnessing Flexbox For Today’s Web Apps

Harnessing Flexbox For Today’s Web Apps

This article that provides us examples when and how can we use Flexbox layout model in daily routine. Thats the near future of CSS box model.

Sublime Text Power User Talk

Wes Bos is an author of book titled “Sublime Text Power User”. If you don’t have this book, now you have opportunity to grasp majority of this book in this 62 min video. We work with code everyday and your code editor is your tool - master it!

Side effects in CSS

Why CSS is one of the most tricky languages in programming world? Philip Walton answers that question and gives us good advices how can we make our stylesheets better.

What Does My Site Cost?

Find out how much it costs for someone to use your site on mobile networks around the world. If you would like to know more about this tool check the author’s blog post

Break up with Internet Explorer 8

I don’t know who created this website, but I like him/her. Why is it worth to end up the romance with IE8 and how people express their happiness after leaving this ancient browser…

Animation Timeline in Chrome DevTools - coming soon

Few days ago Paul Irish (Front-End Developer in Google) posted on youtube a video about upcoming new feature - Animation Timeline in Google Chrome. It is looking very good and will be very useful for myself. I can’t wait!

SVG is for Everybody

Chris Coyier (author of CSS-Tricks and says: “This is a year of SVG”. Fantastic talk from BlendConf about SVG. So cool!

USB Type-C: Explained!

Probably you already know that Apple recently announced a new generation of MacBooks. They are thin, they are light and super sexy but it’s something strange on this computers! Only one port, and this port is not power cable port, it’s not USB to plug in your flash drive, it’s not Thunderbolt to plug in your external monitor. Is is USB-C. What it does? Everything! Marques Brownlee on his amazing youtube channel better explains idea behind new USB type C.

3 Good Reasons To Use Sketch App

I’m a big fan of Sketch App. Photoshop is amazing tool for photo editing, but very difficult to design things. I liked more Fireworks but Adobe decided to leave that app. If you have never heard about Sketch App I recommend give it a try.

Strategies for Staying on Top of Web Performance

Your website can be the most amazing website, but if it doesn’t load quick enough you can forgot about heavy traffic (especially mobile users). Thats why term “Performance Budget” is so popular recently. Chris Coyier as always serves us amazing ideas how can we improve this part of our website. I recommend to watch 3 videos on very bottom of this article as well.

Epic Favicon Generator

Two favicon sizes are not enough for sure. This tool can help you to generate all popular sizes of favicons. The only thing that you need is source file that is minimum 310 x 310px.

The user is drunk

A ha ha ha. This is a real user experience test of your website.

Made By: Chris Coyier (CodePen)

Whenever you try to google something about CSS I bet you can find it on one of Chris Coyier websites. Author of CSS Tricks and CodePen, massive inspiration and so kind personality.

Address Schema Generator

It is always a pain for me to use schema markup. I don’t work with it very often so I need to constantly look for things in documentation. This tool makes my life way easier! Follow this guys on twitter cause they do lots of good stuff @bcco.

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