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Top picks — 2015 July

Internet is full of interesting, useful or funny things. I would like to share with you my top picks from this month.

What is code?

Essay about programming by Paul Ford. Very interesting read.

Lea Verou on The Missing Slice of Pie

I recently worked on a project that required a basic pie chart. I managed to implement a basic non-js, SVG based solution. That video would be so helpful back then! By the way I recommend new book by Lea Verou titled CSS Secrets.

Sindre Sorhus about modularity

Do you make your own shoes? No, you buy them in a store. Most don’t care how the shoe is made. Just how good it fits.

React.js Introduction For People Who Know Just Enough jQuery To Get By

Super guide to start your journey with React.js. Every single step is well described and compared to jQuery implementation. I’m not JavaScript ninja but this one is very easy to follow and understand. Very good tutorial!

Affinity Photo

I’m ready to leave Adobe’s planet. Finally! I tried Pixelmator, super app but missing many things that I need (ie. crop tool isn’t perfect). New Serif’s product is worth to call it a Photoshop replacement. Interesting fact: it’s opening.psd quicker than Photoshop, seriously.

Design & Develop Your Own Blog

I can’t describe how helpful this series is. This one and different series by authors of Tower App - Best git GUI ever made! This one walk you through the process of creating own blog. So detailed, well explained and very well designed!

Cascading Shit Show by Jacob Thornton

Best example how can you combine your profession and good fun. So funny talk about history of CSS. I scrolled through my Twitter, saw that lad and thought: “lets click and listen”. Super cool talk Jacob!

jQuery 3.0 and jQuery Compat 3.0 Alpha Versions Released

Finally correct functionality of .show() and .hide() function and many, many more. Big step jQuery team, good job!

Nesting in Sass and Less

Nesting explained! Mark Otto is an author of Bootstrap. Nowadays he works for Github. This man knows CSS! General idea — keep things simple!

The SEO Expert’s Guide to Web Performance Using WebPageTest

Quick introduction to WebPageTest — definitely the best tool ever if you are one of these guys who care about performance. Huge tool with plethora of options allows you to collect so many important information. Highly recommended to use it everyday!

Awesome & Marvelous Amas

Series of Q&A to well known developers called AMA (Ask me anything) is getting more popular. Author of a project created a list of all AMAs. I found it so interesting.

What the Flexbox?

Wes Bos is an author of amazing series of tutorials. He did amazing stuff for beginners in Terminal world, another one for Sublime Text users. This time he created something super excited! Series about flexbox layout model! Amazing job mate! Gulp tutorials are coming. Thank you Wes!

Reeder 3 for Mac. Public Beta.

Reeder is the best RSS client for Mac OS X! Silvio Rizzi just announced a beta version of third version of this app. Another good news is that upgrade will be free for all owners of second version of Reeder App. If you don’t know this app, now you have a chance to try it for free.

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