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Top picks — 2015 December

Internet is full of interesting, useful or funny things. I would like to share with you my top picks from this month.

Fat Arrow Functions JavaScript Programming Tutorial

Best explanation of arrow function in ES2015 as I found so far. Hopefully we are going to see more snappy tutorials about ES6 by Adam soon.

Leaving the Mac App Store

Sketch App just left Apple App Store. It is getting more popular recently and it doesn’t surprise me at all. Weird rules of sandboxing apps by Apple sometimes can be very restrictive for developers. I wish to see a movement like this by more big players (for example Serif with Affinity Photo and Affinity Design).

Seriously, Don’t Use Icon Fonts

True, true, true!

Colors in Sketch

Color management has always been a confusion for people. Authors of Sketch App explained the theory really well. Cool article.

P Vs. NP: The Assumption That Runs The Internet

I know nothing about security, and probably even less about math but this article is so interesting tho. It present the concept of ‘polynomial time’ and ‘nondeterministic polynomial’. These are two terms that rules the security around internet. Thanks Zack Grossbart!

Flexbox Froggy

Learning by playing. Cool idea to familiarize people with flexbox properties. Beer for Thomas Park for this idea!

A Guide to 2016 Front End Conferences

Sarah Drainer shared with us long list of front end related conferences in 2016. Useful reference to plan time and budget a little bit in advance.

Why I’m Excited About Native CSS Variables

Philip Walton from Google explains the general difference between preprocessors variables and new custom properties. This feature is already available in Firefox and in Google Chrome behind the experimental flag. Hopefully it is going to be implemented in core of browsers because it can make our life much easier. I have so many practical use cases for this in my head, but I will keep these ideas for future article.

Learn JavaScript Deeply

The creator of Wordpress comes with one simple advice. Watch it and deal with it :)

All web developers are waiting for December articles series on It’s like a geeky advent calendar. Review all articles here and pick what you like. Majority of them are epic and are going to be republished everywhere throughout the next year.

Welcome to Sketch’s Developer Site

Bohemian Coding, authors of Sketch App just published a reference for developers that covers all that you need to know if you are planing to develop your own plugin. I can’t believe how hard these guys are working to provide us best design tool ever. If you still live in world of Adobe, better check my previous post please.

An Intro To Using npm and ES6 Modules for Front End Development

ES2016 modules explained by Wes Bos. Really great articles for everyone who still live in the world of embedded scripts line by line or concatenated files via gulp task. Good introduction full of useful snippets.

More Responsive Tapping on iOS


Thursday Keynote Maciej Ceglowski - The Website Obesity Crisis

Maciej Cegłowski, the author of Pinboard and fantastic speaker about web obesity again. In my opinion best talk about importance of performance ever.

The web accessibility basics

Accessibility is problem of a web nowadays. Marco comes with collection of rules that you need to follow. Really good read and so many good conclusions.

Service Worker Cookbook

Collection of recipes how to use service worker on your site. All these goodies created for us by Mozilla team. Handy reference!

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