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Top picks — 2015 April

Internet is full of interesting, useful or funny things. I would like to share with you my top picks from this month.

What is the WebP Image Format (And Why Does It Matter)?

Nice introduction into WebP image format. Everything is looking amazing but it is going to be another thing to care about to provide cross browser user experience.

BEM 101

I’m big fan of BEM methodology. This post go through the idea behind it. Another part of very valuable article you can find in comments section. It’s a nice debate between BEM lovers and ugly syntax haters. I love it, I use it, it helps me to keep my projects well organised accordingly to my modules.

Command Line Power User

Wes Bos, Front End Developer and author of fantastic book “Sublime Text Power User” created another amazing thing. Series of 11 videos to master your skills in command line. Totally for free. If you are one of this dudes that is always scared of Terminal just watch it.

Loading CSS without blocking render

One of the major things to quick deliver content on your website is to prevent blocking page rendering by asynchronously downloading stylesheets. Keith Clark shows us very easy method to implement that on our projects.

WordPress Functionality Plugins

If you would like to keep functionality on your Wordpress website simple and tidy, creating a functionality plugin can be an awesome idea.

The Path to Performance

New podcast hosted by Tim Kadlec and Katie Kovalcin. All about performance of web projects. Really cool stuff!

9 squares

Each designer creates an abstract, 350px, 3 second animated square to make up a single GIF loop, from a 4-colour palette.

Paying for type

Type Manager at Typekit Tim Brown is going to explain “why cheap is expensive”. Amazing read about difference between good and poor type.

5 Reasons Why BPG Will Eventually Replace JPEG

Another one that is trying to compete with old .jpg.

Browser Rendering Optimization - Building 60 FPS Web Apps

Google performance guru Paul Lewis is here to help you destroy junk and create web apps that maintain 60 frames per second performance.

First Aid Git

Nice combination of very often googled git commands. Personally I use some of this things from time to time and I always google that stuff. Here we have all this superb commands in one place.

Chaining Multiple Blend Modes

Awesome trick with blend modes applied on multiple backgrounds. Pure CSS is starting to be fantastic designing tool, not just styling language.

Google Says There Are 4.7% More Mobile-Friendly Websites Today Than Two Months Ago

Hopefully we are going to see more and more mobile friendly websites very soon. I’m so happy that Google rolled out Mobile Friendly Update (Mobilegeddon) recently.

Your Password is Too Damn Short

One more time about importance of strong passwords. Do yourself a favour and change your password to stronger and longer.

Erik Spiekermann - Typographer & Graphic Designer, Apartment & Studio, Berlin

Awesome read about one of the most recognisable typographer ever - Erik Spiekermann. Many interesting facts from his life and tons of beautiful photos of his workspace. By the way - font that I use on my website is designed by this man :)

Libsass 3.2.0

For me that is the best news of this month. With this release 97% features of Ruby Sass are covered.

TTL Podcast

New podcast that is worth to follow. After listening two available for now episodes I already added it to my RSS. Quality stuff!

Cyclomatic complexity by CDs wizard

Harry again. Everything that you need to know about deep nesting selectors in CSS and why should you avoid it. Great read!

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