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TIL — Node v18.11.0 comes with a watch mode, so you might not need nodemon

The result of a little Twitter survey done by the Node.js team clearly shows that nodemon is one of the most helpful tools for day-to-day authoring experience. They did listen — just released version of Node.js v18.11.0 comes with a watch mode. Nice!

You can enable that using --watch flag to watch the entry point and any imported module. To be more granular, --watch-path allows you to specify a particular directory that should react to changes. These flags cannot be combined with --check, --eval, --interactive or when used in REPL (read–eval–print loop) mode.

node --watch server.js
node --watch-path=./src --watch-path=./tests server.js

At this point, I would like to thank Remy Sharp, the creator and maintainer of nodemon. For years it has been my go-to helper tool to achieve what I described in this article (and a lot more). You might not need nodemon anymore, though — sorry, Remy 😙

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