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TIL — Node.js 18.3 comes with command-line arguments parser

Node.js 18.3 comes with a new command-line arguments parser. Having such a common feature built into a runtime is so handy. Of course, it is neither as powerful as popular packages like yargs, minimist or argparse, nor stable at this stage, but in many cases, it is a good enough solution. Have a look!

node greet.mjs --name Dan -c
# Dan is cool
node greet.mjs -n Pawel
# Pawel is not cool
import { parseArgs } from "node:util";

const {
  values: { name, cool },
} = parseArgs({
  options: {
    name: {
      type: "string",
      short: "n",
    cool: {
      type: "boolean",
      short: "c",

console.log(`${name} is ${cool ? "cool" : "not cool"}`);

It is nice, isn’t it?! Until next time keep on building great stuff 😘

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