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Thanks to React Advanced London

I couldn’t be happier when organizers reached out to me to invite me to the React Advanced London. When it comes to frontend apps React has always been my preference for building interactive experiences. Having an opportunity to spend a day surrounded by industry leaders and creators of my favourite open-source projects is an irreplaceable experience.

React Advanced London stage

Checking some React docs on a stage during a live demo and keeping it relaxed, only hilarious Ken Wheeler could do it. Rebuilding React with Shawn Swyx Wang was extremely helpful to understand frameworks internals. Jared Palmer announcing long-awaited Formik 2.0 — checked! Nik Graf shared with the audience a list of helpful recommendations about GraphQL Schemas design. David Gomes demystified statically typing variants of JavScript. The list goes on and on…

It was a big pleasure and I am looking forward to the next events put together by this amazing people! Possibly see you very soon in Amsterdam :-*

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