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Siema! Thanks for 2000 stars on Github!

In November 2016 I was looking for a carousel for one of my projects. I found about a hundred of them but none of them fulfilled my requirements: a simple API, extendable, lightweight and optimised for performance. I spent so much time researching I just decided to build my own solution at the end. It worked surprisingly well for me so I decided to smash it on to a Github repository, build a simple docs page and ask my talented friend Jarkko Sibenberg to create a logo for the project. Months have passed, hours have been spent on the project and 280 commits later…

Siema’s star counter on GitHub just hit 2000 stars. With thousands of downloads (from npm only) every week, hundreds of projects (from Github only) depend on it. It has been featured in some of the most reputable web industry sites/blogs such as: Smashing Magazine, WDRL, Net magazine, Codrops and many more. Thanks!

Siema — Lightweight and simple carousel with no dependencies

The future of Siema

A few weeks back I dropped Siema 1.5 with a list of the most frequently requested features. The overall feedback was amazing and I am really happy that people received the options that they were waiting for. I am not going to add more features anytime soon but it doesn’t mean that the project is finished. I can reveal a few plans for the future version 2.0. Here you go:

  • full API coverage
  • flexbox (it will affect browser support)
  • TypeScript everything
  • E2E testing
  • new documentation
  • centered mode
  • modifying multiple items via remove, insert, prepend and append method
  • accessibility improvements
  • performance optimisation
  • add-ons (pagination, navigation as optional packages)

Thank y’all

I would like to thank you all for using Siema, reporting bugs, sending pull requests and supporting the development in any way. If any one of you ever wondered if it is a good idea to build an open source project — do it! It is a hard work and requires lots of time and energy but it is an irreplaceable learning experience and opens tons of great opportunities.

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