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Software Engineer at Polygon

Top picks — 2022 August

The truth about agile development, responsive CSS content scrollers, Astro 1.0, git force trick, CSS scroll snapping demystified, the sick release of Deno, new crawler on Node.js ecosystem, Bun is growing and more…

I am joining Polygon

I have had a great time co-creating Semble for the past nine months. But unfortunately, some internal difficulties arose that perfectly synced with the hard-to-decline offer I received. I am happy to share that I am joining Polygon as a Software Engineer.

Feel good

I have been part of a development team at Semble (formerly Heydoc) for over eight months, and it’s been a blast. Working there comes with a great list of benefits, but my favourite perk is two extra “feel good” days.

Remove ads from your Twitter timeline with a few lines of CSS

Twitter timeline is full of ads, and the “What’s happening” section is nothing else, just crap that I don’t care about. The trick is simple — you must add a few lines of CSS to hide the unneeded stuff.

A simple carousel with a few lines of CSS

A few years back, I built Siema — a lightweight (only 3kb gzipped) carousel plugin with no dependencies. Nowadays, I would like to ask you to stop using it.

Top picks — 2022 July

Working with the file system on Node.js, come cool macOS CLI, some food for thoughs about the software lifetime, using Rust in Deno, some serious competition to Electron is coming, come aspect ratio tricks, HTML outline drama aand more…

Interpolate CSS custom properties values

CSS transitions and animations are methods to interpolate property values. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could also transition our custom properties using these?

Project manager for Visual Studio Code using Raycast

Most likely, we work on multiple projects in Visual Studio Code hence the high popularity of the Project Manager extension. If you are a Raycast user, you can achieve the same functionality using Quicklinks.

Top picks — 2022 June

The Fastify framework just hit version 4, the next generation of JavaScript tooling, an elegant solution to store and share environmental variables by 1Password, a summary of WWDC22, GitHub Skills, #BADA55 hex colours, a dose of inspiration by Jeremy Keith, AbortController and code block in javaScript tip and a lot more…