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Top picks — 2022 May

Some macOS ticks and tips, Web-interoperable Runtimes Community Group, Google team present new features for the Web Platform, Roboto Flex font announced, AWS powered by Node.js 16, useEvent hook in React, Next.js and Layouts proposal, Design Patterns and more!

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I am so excited about Figma Tokens

Of course, Auto-Layout was a game changer, but I wonder if “designing in the browser” is still more accessible for me after discovering Figma Tokens.

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Top picks — 2022 April

Writing JavaScript in a type-safe manner, HTTPS endpoints for AWS Lambdas, a complete guide to CSS Cascade Layers, CSS Parent Selector, great news in new TypeScript release, DuckDuckGo for macOS, Netlify Edge Functions, TypeScript magic with Matt, HTML inert attribute and more…

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What's new in ECMAScript 2022

The ECMAScript 2022 Language Specification candidate is now available. Even though the final version will be approved in June, the list of new features coming to the language this year is defined.

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Top picks — 2022 March

TypeScript native support in the AWS SAM, new CSS features in 2022, better writing, Types as Comments in ECMAScript, crazy update for Safari, CSS-Tricks acquired by DigitalOcean, 1Password meet SSH, sick CodeSandbox announcement, Tao of Node.js, Docker course, PM2 guide and more…

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Book review: The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

This book is about introducing minor changes to your life that, compounded after a while, produce a significant impact. It is also about bad habits or duties that we like to neglect and their long-term effect on our lives.

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