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I'm on Bluesky

The current state of Twitter is a shitshow, so I moved most of my social interactions with the Web community to Mastodon. I elaborated on this in “I’m on Mastodon” a few months ago. I enjoy using this ActivityPub-based platform, especially via my favourite Ivory by Tapbots (I can’t wait for the macOS version, which currently is available as a limited public alpha).

Bluesky is a new player in the world of decentralised (don’t confuse it with blockchain) social network protocols. Even though it is beta, invite-only and mobile-only1, it is gaining much traction, at least within the Web crowd. It is based on the AT (Authenticated Transfer) Protocol designed by the Bluesky team that lets users change hosts without losing data and followers. Also, Bluesky allows you to set your domain as your handle name. Guys from SyntaxFM podcast recently released the “Bluesky + AT Protocol” episode that goes in-depth about the platform features.

You can find me on Bluesky under Look, as handle. Sick, isn’t it?

  1. Currently, only the mobile app is officially available, but if you don’t mind some occasional bugs, you can use a staging version of the web app↩︎

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