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I built a thing! Siema!

There are two things that you shouldn’t do in 2016 — build a carousel plugin or making another grid system. Practically every other website at the moment belongs in one of those two categories. Crazy people!

I’ve already built a grid system and today I would like to present you a new tool that I created. Yes, you guessed it - a carousel plugin! Siema is a very lightweight (just 1kb gzipped) tool written in pure JavaScript with no dependencies. It is well supported (IE10, Chrome 12, Firefox 16, opera 15, Safari 4, Android 4 and iOS 6) and the documentation is easy to digest for beginners. It is 100% open-source and available on Github. Use it totally for free on personal or commercial projects. It comes with a few options and an API that exposes a few useful methods. Detailed documentation and an installation video tutorial is available on Siema’s website.

Siema - Lightweight and simple carousel with no dependencies

Bug fixes and feature suggestions are more than welcome. Siema’s purpose is to provide a basic carousel tool and allow developers to extend it by using the available methods. It doesn’t come with any complex configuration and myriad options — I would like to keep it this way. If you need a more powerful library I recommend the amazing Flickity by David DeSandro or Swiper by iDangero team.

Siema means ‘hello’ in Polish. When I play around with some code, I always use random names. That’s the whole story behind the name of this one :) Huge thanks to Jarkko Sibenberg for the cute logo design!

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