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I built a thing - JAMstack commenting system using AWS CDK, API Gateway, Lambda and DynamoDB

A few months ago, I made a change in the way how I handle comments on this website. I elaborated a bit more on this one in “Bye-bye, Disqus! I built my commenting system using AWS serverless stack and Netlify build hooks!". This solution worked for me like a charm, and many of you asked me to open source this solution. Here you go!

JAMstack CDK comments architecture diagram

JAMstack CDK comments is built on top of the AWS CDK framework, and you can deploy it to your AWS account in minutes! The stack consists of API Gateway, AWS Lambda and Amazon DynamoDB.

As always, your feedback is really appreciated. Let’s make the web a better, faster and more privacy-oriented place together. Hopefully that helps. Enjoy 💬

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