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I built a thing! Instagram line break!

It was a great day cycling around Peak District with my friends. I came back home very keen to share on Instagram a few pictures that I took that day. I prepared a few really cool pictures but I really struggled to add a description in a format that I wanted it to be. Turns out that Instagram doesn’t want you to insert line breaks between caption paragraphs (apparently the same restriction applies to bio). “There must be a way to do it” I thought, and two hours later I came out with…

Instagram line break

Using Instagram line break is as simple as:

  1. Write your caption / bio in the text box.
  2. Click “Copy to clipboard”.
  3. Paste into Instagram.

Instagram line break app

If you add it to your home-screen, you should get a native app experience — thanks to PWA (Progressive Web App). No need to download anything from Google Play / AppStore. As always, the source code of this little project is open sourced on Github. Thanks for help Pedro and Dan. Enjoy :-*

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