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I built a thing — httpsc (Simple HTTP status codes reference CLI)

How often do you visit a Wikipedia for a definition of a HTTP status code? I don’t know how about you but it happens to me at least once a week. To make it a bit easier I created a httpsc — simple HTTP status codes reference CLI.

Screenshot of httpsc CLI

httpsc CLI

The httpsc was built using Node.js — presumably majority of my readers already have it installed but if not, give “Install Node.js — installer vs. Homebrew vs. NVM” a quick read. Prerequisites out of the way, lets get into the CLI.

  • npx httpsc to get the whole reference
  • npx httpsc 4 to get a short info about all 4xx codes
  • npx httpsc 40 to get a short info about all 40x codes
  • npx httpsc 404 to get a detailed info about 404 code

httpsc Node.js API

Do you want to use this info on your project? Here you go.

yarn add httpsc
import httpsc, { getCode } from "httpsc";
  • httpsc to get the whole reference
  • getCode() to get the info about particular status code (i.e. getCode(404))

Enjoy :*

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