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I built a thing - Bimbo Theme for Visual Studio Code

After a long romance with Sublime Text and the ultra-hackable Boxy Theme I switched to Visual Studio Code by Microsoft. I love it! Functionality-wise there is nothing missing. Visually — yyyhhh. Fortunately some time ago VS Code got a set of features that allows us to customise almost every single aspect of the user interface. It opened tons of opportunities for theme developers to create beautiful looking colour schemes.

But I still love the Ocean Boxy theme on my Sublime Text more than anything else. I couldn't find anything similar in the Marketplace so I decided to build one.

Hello Bimbo

Bimbo is a modern and minimalistic looking theme with a syntax scheme heavily inspired by the Oceanic Next Color Scheme for Sublime Text. Every single UI element has been restyled using the recently added options applicable to the workbench.colorCustomizations object.

You can download it today from the official Microsoft Marketplace — totally for free! From a developer for developers! Feedback much appreciated. Thanks Mark for creating a cool icon for me. Enjoy and have a fantastic day.

Bimbo Theme - main view

Bimbo Theme - colors palette

Bimbo Theme - logo (thanks Mark Taylor)

Bimbo Theme - layout variations


O wow! I really considered great contrast building this theme but I didn't realize that I built something that can be actually really helpful. Accessibility win!

I have terrible vision and high contrast themes make my life so much easier. Problem is, many of the high contrast themes are blindingly bright. Your theme is muted just enough to not be hard on the eyes, but bright enough to not have to strain.

Awesome theme and being red/green colour blind and have warnings with yellow squiggles is sooooo much better. Thanks for making my life easier!


Adrian Pacała ported a Bimbo Theme from Visual Studio Code to hyper. Download it today from here. Thanks a lot!

Bimbo Theme - layout variations

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