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I built a thing - an Alfred workflow to manage Things lists

Alfred is my favourite macOS productivity booster. It allows me to configure custom keywords, manage and store multiple things in a clipboard, create custom search tools and text expansions. The most powerful part of this tool are the Workflows — only your imagination and programming skills restrict the variety of automations you can create. I’ve built a few already: Div — a simple window manager, SShot to change a screenshot file extension instantly or hex to convert decimal system numbers into hexadecimal values.

Things by Cultured Code is my macOS and iOS task manager of choice. It is beautiful, reliable and suits my workflow perfectly. The most recent update to version 3.4 brought a very powerful URL Scheme that allows developers like me to built things like…

Alfred workflow to manage a Things list with ease

Simply type the keyword things and pick from the dropdown a list that you would like to open. Additionally you can navigate to the list of interest and hold a modifier key (Command , Option , Control , Fn or Shift ) to reveal an addition option to add an item to a particular list. Hit return and you’re done.

Alfred workflow to manage Things lists

Download Things workflow for free from Packal and grab a source code from Github repository. Improvements suggestions and feature requests are more than welcome. Enjoy!

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