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How to stay informed in web development game

To stay on top of the web development and web design game you need to follow. It is so changeable industry. There is many sources of information, hundreds developers to follow, youtube videos and twitter accounts. Thats the problem. If you start to follow entire market, probably you will end up in endless loop of checking what’s funky and fresh but without any time left for yourself, your partner, cycling, beer, whatever.

Love what you do

If you don’t like things that you do just change a profession. Do it NOW! If you don’t enjoy to learn new stuff internet definitely isn’t for you.


Twitter is a fantastic place where you can find much more than cat’s photos (don’t get me wrong - I love cats). Just follow right people. Don’t follow any human being who posted article with tag #webdesign couple of years ago. Find your interests, inspirations, frameworks that you love. Contribute, ask questions and retweet good things.


Some people says that RSS is a dying technology. Just delete that blokes from your Facebook! There is plethora of amazing startup that use it and day by day more people who rely on RSS feeds. Personally I use free but it’s much more of services like that. Just add your favourite services, newspapers, magazines and blogs and enjoy fresh new content in one place. To browse my Feedly account I use beautiful Reeder by Silvio Rizzi. I use OS X and iOS version - I love it and can’t wait third version of that app.

Reeder for Mac OS X

Follow right people, same like on Twitter. Don’t follow every website about web design that you come across. Be focus on right things and leave a space in your daily routine for yourself (friends, music, girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husband, cat/dog, beer). As a ending point let me share with you some of my favourite blogs that you can add to your RSS.


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    Amy Sheldon

    Can you post more articles like this? I love reading these.
    A friend turned me onto this site a few months back and now I make sure to
    check it out at least once a month.

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