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Hello there!

I’m so happy to introduce you my new website. It’s not about the fancy cool effects, it is not about shiny design. It’s purely about the content that I would like to share with you.

After a few months of creating a weekly newsletters for web developers in company where I currently work I found out that I enjoy sharing knowledge and be more involved info community of web developers. That was my biggest kick to choose a blogging platform, start writing a content and publish my thoughts.

Technically about this website

This is a static website generated by amazing tool called Jekyll Hugo. It is my first project build on this tool but I love it already. It doesn’t surprise me why it is so popular in geeky crowd. You need to create a few template files, create posts files in Markdown format and type one command in your Terminal. Easy like that! Something that makes it even more fantastic is ability to host your website on Github Pages Netlify absolutely for free.

If you are curious about files structure of source files you can always have a look at Github repository. If you have any further question feel free to use Disqus that I implemented as my comments platform. Use RSS Feed to stay tuned about new posts.

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