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Five things I like/dislike #8

I love the “5 things I like right now” series of posts by Mike Crittenden. So, inspired by it, I started sharing some things I like/dislike occasionally. No particular schedule and no limitation about the stuff I write about — I am just having fun sharing some cool shit with you all!


  1. “If the world adopted a plant-based diet we would reduce global agricultural land use from 4 to 1 billion hectares” by Hannah Ritchie
  2. “History of the uk garage music scene in London” by ukg bible on YouTube
  3. Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music
  4. Baby Bouncer by BabyBjörn
  5. “ROBOFORMING: The Future of Metalworking?” by SmarterEveryDay on YouTube


  1. Autumn
  2. Driving on Friday evening
  3. Recruiters sending me job offers (I am usually very thankful for that) without prior reading my CV
  4. How unpaid healthcare workers in the UK are
  5. How understaffed the healthcare industry is, which is likely closely related to the previous point

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