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Five things I like/dislike #6

I love the “5 things I like right now” series of posts by Mike Crittenden. So, inspired by it, I started sharing some things I like/dislike occasionally. No particular schedule and no limitation about the stuff I write about — I am just having fun sharing some cool shit with you all!


  1. GoGo Penguin
  2. Best Cordless Impact Driver
  3. Space Elevator
  4. Bullets HITTING Bullets in Slow Motion
  5. Birkenstock Arizona Essentials


  1. Drainage from the toilet, sink, and bath on the outside of houses in the UK
  2. Restaurants with a lengthy menu
  3. Blogs without an RSS feed
  4. Oil-based paints (water-based paints are durable enough, dry quicker and smell nice)
  5. The eero WiFi routers have no web interface (iOS/Android app only)

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