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Five things I like/dislike #5

I love the “5 things I like right now” series of posts by Mike Crittenden. So, inspired by it, I started sharing some things I like/dislike occasionally. No particular schedule and no limitation about the stuff I write about — I am just having fun sharing some cool shit with you all!


  1. 50 Years of Hip-Hop: A History of the Genre’s Evolution
  2. De La Soul Is Streaming
  3. Dumb Password Rules
  4. Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake are coming to PetaPixel!
  5. I Tried To Burn Down My Shop || This Video Will Save Yours


  1. to close
  2. Honey
  3. Screws and plugs attached to handles, picture frames, hinges and mounts of any kind are normally useless and very low quality
  4. Jealous and negative people
  5. Rumours about Apple releasing a headset or touchscreen laptops

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