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Five things I like/dislike #2

I love the “5 things I like right now” series of posts by Mike Crittenden. So, inspired by it, I decided to start sharing some things I like/dislike from time to time. No particular schedule and no limitation about the stuff I write about — I am just having fun sharing some cool shit with you all!


  1. “Capitalism, The Web, And You” by Heydon Pickering on YouTube
  2. Universal Sprayer W 590 FLEXiO — no more brushes, no more rollers
  3. Lightning-Fast Web Performance course by Scott Jehl
  4. Apple Studio Display — build quality, perfect x2 scale ratio and compatibility with Apple ecosystem (luckily, I didn’t pay for it, thanks, Polygon!)
  5. Stanley Automatic Wire Stripper — massive time saver


  1. Virgin Media customer support — I wasted hours with them
  2. Touching a cold steering wheel when it’s freezing
  3. Indirect, unvented heating systems — this is so complicated
  4. Price of tuna steak
  5. Impulsive people (I am one of them, and I am working on it)

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