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Five things I like/dislike #1

I love the “5 things I like right now” series of posts by Mike Crittenden. So, inspired by it, I decided to start sharing some things I like/dislike from time to time. No particular schedule and no limitation about the stuff I write about — I am just having fun sharing some cool shit with you all!


  1. This Abrasive Cleaning Eraser Stick is an incredible money saver for all DIY fans
  2. “Cheat Codes” by Danger Mouse & Black Thought
  3. Version 2 of Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher and the price of it
  4. Digging The Greats YouTube channel
  5. Verdant Marylou Pale Ale


  1. Sony Customer Support
  2. Kanye West
  3. Crazy amount of little bugs in the most recent macOS Ventura
  4. Vans socks (they are super tight)
  5. The price of Verdant Marylou Pale Ale

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