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Book review: Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

Strangely, we sleep for one-third of our lives (at least we should), yet we rarely think about it and often neglect it. Most of us know very little about sleep; we do it. I started thinking about it more after I noticed a significant improvement in the quality of my life after I changed my sleeping routine. Why do people sleep in the first place? Why are some of my dreams so messed up? What is going on with these sleep cycles? These are just some questions that I sought answers for.

When I came across “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker for the first time, I was really wondering how someone could write such a long book about such a dull thing as sleep. Oh, how wrong I was in my early assumptions!

“Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker book “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker book

Matthew Walker, a professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of California, has dedicated his entire life to researching the impact of sleep on human health and disease. You can feel the passion and enthusiasm in his writing. Some chapters are quick and easy, while others are more scientific and require frequent pauses to digest the information. The overall plan for the book is well-structured, starting from fundamental concepts and gradually building up to more intricate aspects.

There is no point in me going through everything I learned from this book. Instead, let me give you some advice. If you are thinking about adjusting macros in your diet, buying a new app to improve your productivity, or forcing yourself to go to the gym during your lunch break, stop for a second and take a nap. Give yourself a good night’s sleep. Start from the basics! If you don’t trust me, trust Matthew Walker.

Sleep well 😴

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