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Book review: The Body by Bill Bryson

I became a fan of Bill Bryson after reading “A Short History of Nearly Everything”. After embracing all little-known facts about the solar system, galaxy, black holes and many others, I naturally became super curious about other publications by the same author.

“The Body” by Bill Bryson fulfilled my curious nature. In a typical Bill fashion, the book is full of astonishing facts, and the author presents them in a way that is far from boring medical gibberish. This book is a lengthy publication, divided into 23 chapters that individually tackle the most crucial parts of our bodies.

Picture of a book: The Body by Bill Bryson Picture of a book: The Body by Bill Bryson

If you are like me and can’t live without knowing how many atoms make up your body, how many GBs of information we can store in a brain or why people have hair, this book is definitely for you!

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