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Book review: Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography by Walter Isaacson

I am an Apple fanboy, I watch all the live software and product announcements. Mac Pro is probably the only piece of hardware made by this company that I have never owned. I glorify the design choices by this company (apart from the Magic Mouse 2nd generation) and I celebrate when opening a box with new goodies every once in a while.

To fully earn the “Apple fanboy” label I had to find out a bit more about the history of the company and its founder. I couldn’t pick any better option than “Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography” by Walter Isaacson to fulfil my curiosity, could I?

Picture of “Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography” by Walter Isaacson

First things first — Walter Isaacson is the author of the best biography book that I have ever read. It is a very compelling read about the genius and the biggest asshat under the moon. From his childhood and throughout education, including projects and the loosing the battle with cancer. It is about perfectionism, striving for simplicity and perfect products built to make clients lives easier and profit is a secondary goal. The story expresses Steves difficult personality dominated by his reality distortion. It is about his believes, controversial diet habits and his relationships.

Picture of “Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography” by Walter Isaacson

I would highly recommend this book not only to Apple fans, but to everyone who needs an inspirational kick in their life. Lengthy, captivating story of an asshole genius.

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