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Book review: Peter Pan

Yes, “Peter Pan”, a kids book. It’s not me being childish, it’s you being boring — sorry for being brutally honest. After the last decade that I’ve spent reading serious, mature, programming and science-related books, I decided to re-experience that feeling of pure adventure and make-believe which comes from reading a children’s book. I don't regret this decision and I am sure I am going to read more toddler novels soon.

Picture of a “Peter Pan” book

Peter Pan took me to a higher level of fantasy and imagination more than any other story that I have read or listened to in last few years. It’s a world of speaking trees, grumpy fairies, flying boys who never want to grow up — everything that I need. Despite the fact that the audiobook that I listened to varies slightly from the original version from 1911, it delivers a great recipe to forget about the system around us. To top it off “Peter Pan” on Audible was free a few weeks ago.

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