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Book review: Not a Diet Book by James Smith

My 30th birthday was the last time I felt great in my own body. My 33rd birthday is coming soon and I promised myself that I’m going to feel great with myself again. Whilst I change my diet habits and become much more active, I try to educate myself on how to do it healthily.

I came across “Not a Diet Book” by James Smith accidentally whilst browsing the Audible library. Turns out that his publication was a great choice.

Picture of “Not a Diet Book” by James Smith

James’ book is a very verbose way of saying “eat less than you burn”. It is filled with scientific facts and filtered out all of the silver bullet marketing bullshit. Apart from formal knowledge, a good chunk of this book contains the valuable experience of a personal trainer, who is focused on making peoples lives better. The truth about the keto diet (if which I was a big fan of for years), clean food, macros and our body’s internal behaviours involved in fat loss. Educational and inspirationally dense, to the point that you better read/listen to it with a fresh mind.

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