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Belkin Soundform Connect enabled Apple AirPlay on my vintage stereo system

I have an always-growing collection of records. It is my way of repaying my past debts to the musicians I ripped off by illegally downloading albums from the Soulseek network. I have tons of rap, funk, jazz, soul, and recently more techno and garage music. For those interested, I have a music collection page.

I play and mix my records on a pair of classic Technics SL-1200MK2 connected to an analogue Rane TTM-56s. The sound is amplified by the NAD 3020, which drives a pair of Bowers & Wilkins 603 S2. It is neither an expensive setup nor an audiophile one, but it produces sound I enjoy listening to.

My DJ setup - Technics SL-1200MK2, Rane TTM-56s, NAD 3020, Bowers & Wilkins 603 S2

In the kitchen, we have a second-generation Apple HomePod. The background music in the bedroom is played by its little brother HomePod mini. They do sound good enough for what they are, but I would not use them for serious listening. The thing I like the most about them is the convenience of AirPlay. I can play music from my phone, laptop or tablet without messing around with pairing or cables. It just works!

I recently came across Belkin Soundform Connect. This little device enables AirPlay on any audio system that can take the source from the optical or 3.5mm jack output. It is a perfect solution for my vintage stereo system. I ordered one, and I am well impressed. The setup took seconds, the connectivity is equally good as any other AirPlay device I have around the house, the sound quality is excellent to my ears, and the price is very reasonable.

Belkin Soundform Connect AirPlay screen with my new Music Room output selected

I rarely write review-like posts like this one. I am so chuffed with this addition to my sound system that I decided to share. Peace ✌️

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