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My favourite WWDC22 announcements and some disappointments

As a real Apple fanboy, on the 6th of June, I watched Apple WWDC22 like I do every year. So, let me share a few announcements that I am the most excited about. But, I want to keep it brief and leave some room to express my disappointments.

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This post is just a quick reminder to you all about the importance of switching off occasionally. With my better half, we recently travelled to Lesbos, a Greek island close to Turkey. We met amazing people down there, ate tons of excellent food, drove around the island and most importantly, had a break from an intense day-to-day lifetime.

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Top picks — 2022 May

Some macOS ticks and tips, Web-interoperable Runtimes Community Group, Google team present new features for the Web Platform, Roboto Flex font announced, AWS powered by Node.js 16, useEvent hook in React, Next.js and Layouts proposal, Design Patterns and more!

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I am so excited about Figma Tokens

Of course, Auto-Layout was a game changer, but I wonder if “designing in the browser” is still more accessible for me after discovering Figma Tokens.

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Top picks — 2022 April

Writing JavaScript in a type-safe manner, HTTPS endpoints for AWS Lambdas, a complete guide to CSS Cascade Layers, CSS Parent Selector, great news in new TypeScript release, DuckDuckGo for macOS, Netlify Edge Functions, TypeScript magic with Matt, HTML inert attribute and more…

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